Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Publishers Union of Bloggers

"Smart Publishers Meet at the P.U.B." ®
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Welcome to your Publishers Union of Blogger's community!

It's your UNION because your a professional publisher who either makes money from your work, or uses your writing to showcase your talents for related work.

You want to be part of the Union because you want to be part of a community working for your rights as a publisher while you work on what you do, publish. Working to make sure your years of work is met with the same diligence by entities entreating you to allow them exposure on your space, your work, your world.

P.U.B. is your Union. While you publish, P.U.B. is working to make sure blog platforms & blog 'Widgets' provide transparency on issues critical to success of Blog Publishers, including but not limited to:

1) The business plan of blog platforms, blog widget providers; all entities servicing Blog Publishers.
2) The entities backing them. Now, when they change. Who are they and what are their motivations. What other entities are they affiliated with? Is their conflict of interest?
3) How are these entities financed? Now? In the future?
4) What are their long term prospects? Can a publisher trust incorporating them as a critical component of their work? What if the product fails? What is the risk? The reward?
5) If they generate profit, what is this profit? What % is provided to the publisher responsible for the work; the reason the monetization is happening?

P.U.B. represents Blog Publishers on big 'back end' issues critical to their success. To work, P.U.B. needs Blog Publisher members. For their input, ideas, concerns, and stories. We invite you to join FREE as a charter member to provide input on issues P.U.B. needs to address.

JOIN P.U.B. at no cost during this, our start up year! Simply email your interest, questions or comments to P.U.B.